Dynaslax gns3 Downloads

moved to www.in2dwok.com


5 Responses to “Dynaslax gns3 Downloads”

  1. Many thanks for this great iso.

    I’m using the usb version and i find it great.

    Regarding the issue:

    “in the usb version i find that in gns3 dynagen keeps crashing ill check it and revert.”

    I’m having the same problem, and i work around it by running slax in ram mode. Downside is that you need to make sure you copy your data to your usb and not the desktop folders etc…, as naturally they’ll be lost on reboot.

    That said this works flawlessly.
    Thanks again,

  2. hey , thanx man, ill put this up in the docs,

  3. oh ya, the other workaround is too get your working directory on to the usb, have you tried that ?

  4. Well yeah, i was implying that 🙂

  5. Nice ISO man !! Amazing… !!! Well when i start a Router Image that give some errors why ___ ?? LOAD FETCH EXCEPTION in a black screen, Do you have a nice newbie Start to.. __ thxxxxx NICE PAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Go Ahead

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