Dynamips on live CD

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9 Responses to “Dynamips on live CD”

  1. Hi,

    I am newbie to linux. I have installed ubuntu but my problem s i dont know much abt lunux. How exactly your dynaslax works?? It looks great. Can you please let me know proper instructions to install dynaslax thru cd?

    Also can I modify the .net file? As you have mentioned your colleagues have tried 14 routers what was the system config ???

    Any inconvinience is regretted.


  2. hey nicky , dynaslax is a live cd, and no you cannot install it to a harddrive,
    the system config was a core2 duo laptop with 2gig ram, and you can check out the documentation section https://deadwait.wordpress.com/documentation/ for anything further, i suggest you use the gns3 live cd http://www.gns3-labs.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/misc/dynaslaxgns3.iso as thats the easiest for newbies.

  3. Hi deadwait,

    Thanks for the wonderful work you have done..I have a laptop with C2D and 1G but I can only run upto 4 routers.. Please let me know the minimum config to run the entire ccie lab..


  4. hi nilesh , i think you might need just 1 gig more . i got the same specifications with 2.5 gig but others in my office have 2 gig ram and they work i think on the internetwork file , also get your 3640 ram lowered to 96 mb and try .

  5. Hi deadwait,

    Mine is Dell Latitude D420 with Intel(R)Core(TM)Duo CPU U2500 @ 1.3GHz. will that work by just a RAM upgrade .. Kindly confirm so that I can get the RAM.

  6. well it should, but dont hold me for it u know.

  7. Hi Deadwait,

    I am able to boot 10 routers when using slax in text mode !
    Please let me know how to config the Terminal Server for the same.

  8. i didnt understand the question regarding the terminal server , could you be a bit more specific, and just a few questions are you finding it comfortable working in the text mode environment? . anyways im working on setting up dynamips and dynagen along with a new live cd with a working desktop environment. and entire result should come in 35 mb . so a bit busy with that. i think that might be perfect for you.

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