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8 Responses to “Documentation”

  1. hi,

    i appreciated this cd it to ussesful. now i have a new laptop this have more features in hardware, i make a vmware ubuntu and another virtual machine, but i want to instal this cd in one virtual machine, how i can do that, i read a lot of this but it doesnt works.

    i have a few skill with linux, for that reason, if you have a solution can you xplain it for dummie.




  2. hi juan, which live cd are you using? i think i have set up 5 now, also , im available at for further queries.
    Now regarding your problem , when you start of vmware you can set your cd drive to be the iso you downloaded and it should start of from there.
    have you done that?

  3. Hi deadwait,

    thanks for your reply, well i boot the vmware from cd drive and slax can start, i can use the OS well, but when i want to install it in the vmware to avoid the boot from the cd, i cant find where a can do it job.

    the version i dont know what’s it, what its the commando o process to view that.



  4. hi
    Can I use slaxGNS3 from USB, If I can pls let me know how can I mount the local C drive while working on GNS3


  5. Hi again
    I have make the slax GNS3 USB,it will boot fine but screen black two to three second after the desktop appears.

    I am using dell 4300 notebook, I will try on another system and share with you

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