Hi ,

My name is Allan Melwyn Pinto, I have just turned 28 today sep 26 2007, i have been working from the age of 16 and from the age of 19 in the computer field, I have passed a diploma for jetking institute in hardware and networking, and completed a ccna.

My interest lies in networking and everything related to it whether in cisco or linux or cacti, i feel earlier i was just working for the sake of working, the first router i got to touch was in Jan 2006 , when i joined an isp in mumbai, and from then on things slowly started moving, i actually started getting interest in the work i do, configuring basic static routes then ospf then xconnects then bgp then mpbgp, all just on practical experience.

Then something funny happened, i fell in love with the most lovely maiden ever. Life changed, marriage was discussed and then fixed at such speed, i didn’t have time to breathe, slowly feelings of responsibility began to arise in me, ( and that was definitely something i have never experienced before) so now what? i had to raise my cash flow , was hardly surviving anyways, i decided some certification is in order.

I have a good mind , i’m fast and from now on i believe in myself, i have decided to do every certification im interested in , currently it is ccie and rhce, and i have decided to blog about my daily path towards achieving these goals of mine.

what will happen about it, is what i want to see.


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