Just thoughts

I used to be a regular reader of http://www.stevepavlina.com back when i was in muscat and to tell you the truth his website is awesome and can many times be the slap in the face you need to get up and take charge, reading his posts got me the strength to leave the security of my job in Oman and come back to my hometown mumbai and start all over again and its been going great, absolutely great.

But now i really want to branch out on my own, try out new stuff and most of all not work for other people atleast for some part of my life. After getting to where i am today i miss the energy of 2 and a half years back, when i everyday i was literally doing something new, now the job has become routine and i dont know what to do, the only fun i have is when i am working on anything linux, but i cant understand how to learn and use it effectively to upgrade my resume , i just keep work on things which i feel are cool.

Aww forget it, better shut my trap and just march on slowly, but i feel things are headed for a change good or bad , i dont know.


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