ok this is a very light version of slax with only fluxbox as a manager and dynagen and dynamips added, download it here Dynaflux

if you want to use it on your usb , extract the same iso to your USB drive, go to the boot directory and double-click on bootinst.bat , that will make your usb bootable. to extract the iso you can use 7zip.

the size is only 124 mb as of yet and i havent yet added a tftp server and pdfreader.

Just a few pointers,  when your right click on the desktop you get the menu

click on runthisfirst first .

to give a ip address to your ethernet card open terminal and type in ” ifconfig eth0 xx.xx.xx.xx netmask xx.xx.xx.xx gw xx.xx.xx.xx up” without the quotes

the filemanager is like your windows explorer

you will find your windows harddisks in /mnt


3 Responses to “dynaflux”

  1. freezeburger Says:

    Thank You
    I am downloading this, just cant wait to try 😀

  2. Dude you are a stud!!! If you could do one with the Internetwork expert net file. Email me I would like to make a small business proposition. This makes studying for my ccie that much easier I so appreciate it!!!


  3. actually jim , “you” could do one with the internetwork expert file right now, it is what i used to test this cd, was sent to me over by a guy who wanted to try out the cd.
    anyways in a week or two , docs will be improved much , much more with instructions on how to make your own cd built with dynamips.

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