Dynagen Dynamips on Live CD or usb

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5 Responses to “Dynagen Dynamips on Live CD or usb”

  1. I downloaded Dynagen Dynamips Usb version and loaded .tar file into my usb and tried to run it at the start up. I went to BIOS and changed my first preference to usb flash booting device and made HDD as last preference.
    Even then i was unable to boot from usb drive. So can u tell me the solution, so that i can use slax dynagen on my usb.

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. after you have extracted it to your usb drive did you run the bootinst.bat file in the boot directory which actually sets up you usb to be bootable.
    read the documentation section for it. i think thats the only reason it is not bootable.

  3. Great tool & amazing stuff, cheers mate (((0000))).

  4. hi grate tema

  5. I have copied the dynaflux image and burnt in a cd, i always use image from my usb drive, any change i can copy in specific folder before writing the image in a cd, because i need to take my usb without fail whereever i go. cd will be very much comfortable, i can just make a copy and give it yo my friends if everything comes inside a cd.

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