Lambda Tube

As you know i have just started learning programming ( i mean really learning “programming” ) to the best of my abilities, i was searching for some real world programs made with scheme, coz as i was reading the net you get lot of very smart people telling that learng lisp/scheme will open your mind but then its like generally learn this and then use the techniques or methodology to program in some other language.

Now why would i want to do that?

Anyways i found this program Lambda-tube at

a youtube browser which is written in PLTScheme, it actually browses youtube for you and then downloads the songs you choose, when i first downloaded and checked it a week back, it had no proxy support, hence i could not check it at work, i raised a issue on the website and the author Abhishek Mishra reverted back stating that he would add the feature in a few days, today i got the mail that the proxy feature is added, i downloaded it once again and reinstalled on top of the earlier version itself, added the proxy server and port and tried but it didnt work , in the sense i could browse but couldnt download , just restarted the program and it started and i have already downloaded around 20 videos — the only bad point about this program now is that it is too easy hence very addictive , i just couldnt stop browsing and downloading.

Anyways once i complete concrete abstractions by Max Hailperin , i hope to browse through the code of Lambda-tude for better understanding.


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