Learning Scheme Programming

I am finally taking the plunge and learning programming, i am using the book Concrete Abstractions by Max Hailperin , which is available online here —> http://gustavus.edu/+max/concrete-abstractions.html

I had begun with practical common lisp but then diverted to this book.

The reason i want to learn is that i want to sit down and make my own Network Monitoring System,

nothing groundbreaking , just something i would have total control of but i want to add intelligent troubleshooting integrated into it, i can already do a lot of this using Ruby’s Net/telnet library, but then things just work in it, I dont know how and i need to know , im tired of being so kludgy and just copy pasting scripts from here and there to get my work done.

why am i not learning ruby itself ?

well i did start of from there with some online tutorials but it leaves many questions unanswered to me,

now i am not from a computer science background at all, and it is just the last two years that i have been working as a network engineer so maybe it is that’s why , that i just dont ” get ” things, it’s very frustrating especially when even kids find it so easy nowadays .

Im touching 29 now , does anybody even start learning programming at this age ? oh , why oh why, did i waste my youth ? stupid snooker parlours robbed me of a education . oh fuck it , i did enjoy those years though.

whatever, i hope to learn scheme now and then use only scheme , not try it with ruby or something like that.

i want to learn programming now , not learn it just to make a program i think is useful for me.

lets see what happens, will i give it up like everything i give up before ? i hope not .

ill try and post everyday where i stand.


2 Responses to “Learning Scheme Programming”

  1. leewaikei Says:

    haha, i am 31 now & start to learn PERL….

  2. cool man, atleast im not alone, best of luck

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