argus network monitor

Man, i got tired of trying to install nagios or opennms or zenoss or zabbix or hyperic or groundwork i mean like wtf can installs just be simple for poor idiots like me. But then i found argus available at

Im still going through configuring but its such a relief, all i wanted was s simple ping monitoring software and finally i got it. Im sure i’ll be writing more about it in the days to come.


3 Responses to “argus network monitor”

  1. Man, I am also in the same situation as you are, nagios is such a complicated beast… Opennms and hyperic is worst… then i found argus last week and it trying to learn it. I stumbled upon your site in my search on argus today.

  2. Sorry for the delay in approving the comment, i was off getting married, will post pics later, anyways argus was pretty cool even though me and my team were currently monitoring more that 3500 devices once the config was created it was done and very easy, the team liked it, it was simple that was the best thing about it the help file is simply amazing,

  3. This software has ” stolen ” its name from Carnegie Mellon University’s and QoSient, LLC’s open source network monitor, Argus. The original argus is an advanced network flow monitor, discussed in the IETF, and the US NIST, used by 10,000’s of sites for network performance and security monitoring, is referenced in 100’s of academic journals, is used by many Gov’ts, Institutions and Corporations, and is in the top 100 security tools used in the internet (

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